Happy New Year!

Hello, friends and fellow travelers! The world sure has become interesting these past few years. As if it wasn’t already. Here in Gondwanaland, Mystics Anonymous has mostly been quietly trucking along, writing and recording new songs as time allows. But every once in a while, we poked our heads out and shared a little something […]


I’m a big music geek. Surprise, surprise. I love listening to the albums I’ve collected, whether they are vinyl, CDs, cassettes, or digital-only. Usually, in addition to just listening to whatever thing I’m into at the moment, I also go through my collection to ensure I listen to it regularly. This also gives me a […]

Opening Up

The most important lesson I’ve learned in my life so far is to be open to new things. Too often we close doors ourselves, narrowing our own choices, convincing ourselves that we are “not into” something or that we’re “not that type of person / artist / musician.” But this limits our experiences, and keeps […]