Course Correction

Some of you might remember that I announced 2017 as the year of my De-Tunia project. This was a concept I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while, returning to a more experimental recording approach built on layers of rhythms and pure play. The idea was to share works in progress throughout the year and once I had an album’s worth of tracks, do a final mix & master and put the whole thing out online, digital-only.

I was pretty excited to build new tracks this way, and began in earnest right away in the month of January. By the end of the month, I did a rough mix of the track I was working on and excitedly posted it online, promoted it and sat back to enjoy the feedback and online discourse I had been imagining would be a crucial aspect of the project.

I won’t lie to you–engagement with my post was low. So low, I got discouraged. Maybe the fault lies with me–maybe I communicated poorly about it, or maybe the music is just too weird, or maybe people don’t want to be bothered with “works in progress.” The idea was to keep people engaged and interested, and give them a peek into the creative process. But even just writing that last sentence, I got bored. Unless you’re someone’s favorite band, why would they listen to works in progress?

So I’m rethinking the whole thing. Moving forward, I don’t think I’ll share what I’m working on right now. That means you won’t hear anything from me for a while. Like, maybe a couple of years. But I hope that when you finally hear what I cooked up in that time, you’ll like it.

Then again, who knows what may happen?

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