When It Rains, It Pours…

At the risk of sounding gloomy, I have been rained upon lately, both literally and figuratively. I performed as part of Lord Russ & Friends at this year’s Transperformance, in which we “transperformed” as The Cure. Our rehearsals were great fun, and I was very proud to be a part of this great annual tradition […]

The Art of Albums…

Recording an album is a tricky business.  As I was telling one of my good friends the other day, your average person doesn’t understand the amount of work that goes into the making of an album. It is a completely different beast than performing live.  When you perform live, what’s most important are the broad […]


If you haven’t already heard about Colorway, you should check them out. Colorway is the new band headed by F. Alex Johnson of Drunk Stuntmen, along with J.J. O’Connell and Dave Hayes. Talk about a power trio. They’ve been getting a lot of positive press, and rightfully so. Back in March, I witnessed their debut […]

Show(s) Alert!

Couple great ones this week First, pop music geek/DJ/writer/musicianKen Maiuri takes over The Parlor Room in Northampton for a night, curating a night of music with a trio of his projects: The Super 8 Players (trio performing songs from films), The TV Show (quartet-plus playing classic TV themes), and The Four Color Press (playing Ken […]

Rest In Peace, Ray Manzarek.

I was lucky enough to meet Ray Manzarek once.  As an undergraduate, I assisted Ann Charters and Allen Ginsberg when they co-chaired a conference on the Beat Generation at NYU. During that conference, I saw Ray perform with Michael McClure, the poet–McClure reading and Ray playing piano underscore. The next day I was taking a […]

Show Alert: 4 Great Bands in 1 Night!

Wow, if you are in the western Massachusetts area, you need to know about this amazing show. The Demographic is celebrating its album release at The Elevens tomorrow night (Friday May 10), and they are a great act to catch. In addition, fellow Mystic Brian Marchese plays percussion on the album.  As if that’s not […]

Sonelab Date

I went into the studio with Brian Marchese, Matt Silberstein, and Andy Goulet this past weekend, with Mark Alan Miller at the helm of Sonelab, a wonderful recording studio located in Easthampton, Massachusetts.  We had a blast.  The plan was just to capture the special chemistry that happens when the four of us play one […]

Murphy’s Law

You’re familiar with Murphy’s Law, yes?  “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” I was invited to perform at a wonderful Mike Nesmith tribute show back in December. Several of my friends and peers would be performing, and it sounded like a fun way to spend an evening, playing music, hanging out with friends, […]