Recording for Hours

I want to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the Dreaming for Hours Indiegogo campaign.  Over 60 days, we raised $2,045, exceeding the goal of $2,000.  Raising these funds ensured that the album was professionally and lovingly mixed at Sonelab with Mark Alan Miller, and that it will be produced in a beautiful package featuring the artwork of Herta, and complete with a booklet of lyrics and liner notes. Right now, we are in the middle of mastering the album and finalizing the artwork, and there are great plans afoot for a music video and an album release show.

I wanted to point out that over time, several great friends and performers came into the studio to lend their prodigious talents to the album, and so the album features not only myself, but:

Erik Amlee (Paradise Camp 23, Erik Amlee)

Pat Garland (Groove Shoes, Fiesta Brava)

Andrew Goulet (Salvation Alley String Band, True Value)

Daniel Hales (Daniel hales, and the frost heaves, The Ambiguities)

Dave Hamilton (Fling, Chafed, Go Figure, Hypnotic Clambake)

Ray Keane (Fiesta Brava)

Steve Koziol (Span of Sunshine, Something Else)

Ken Maiuri (Mark Mulcahy, Young at Heart Chorus, Heather Maloney, Pedro the Lion, School for the Dead, and others)

Brian Marchese (Mark Mulcahy, Haunt, School for the Dead, The Aloha Steamtrain, Sitting Next to Brian, The Fawns, and others)

Rick Murnane (Rick Murnane Band, Group DeVille)

Chris Rea (Fiesta Brava, The Westies, Eleventh Hour)

Brandee Simone (Salvation Alley String Band)

Matt Silberstein (Salvation Alley String Band, Swillmerchants)

Matt Snow (Fiesta Brava)

Some of you may remember this, but I had some difficulty during recording at the Gondwanaland studio. While tracking the above contributors, my studio software started to act glitchy, and finally in August stopped working altogether.  I was just weeks away from having all of the recording done, and had already booked two dates for mixing at Sonelab in mid-September.  Cue weeks of troubleshooting and anxiety, during which I was afraid I might lose some of what I recorded.

Long story short, those troubles were successfully resolved, and happily nothing was lost during that time!  The only bummer was that I was one month behind my original estimated schedule. Recording resumed, and I mixed the album with Mark Alan Miller at Sonelab on 10/28 and 10/29.  Now, as I said, we are in the middle of mastering, finalizing the artwork, planning the release show and video, etc.

Those of you who signed up for just the digital download will receive a code from me via email that will enable you to go online and download the album.  Those of you who signed up for a physical CD will receive the physical CD and any other perks you specified via mail.  I will send these out as soon as they arrive back from the plant.  If you’re local and you’d rather wait to pick up your CD and perks at the future release show, just let me know and I’ll hold onto them until that time.  The release show is being planned for January.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Mystics Soundcloud page for rough mixes that I’ll be posting as we finish up the album.  And thanks again to all of the Indiegogo contributors, whose support was invaluable and inspiring.  I sincerely believe the album will have us all Dreaming for Hours!



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