Show Alert: Lord Russ

If you don’t already know Lord Russ from his many endeavors, including band The Aloha Steamtrain and one-man play Queen Elvis, you are in for a treat. Lord Russ has focused his creative energies on creating his first solo album, Heir of Mystery (a title worthy of a Morrissey album, in my humble opinion). This mix of pop, psychedelia, electronica, and faux-lounge Esquivel-inspired bits is a unique and special offering. This Saturday 2/23 he takes the stage at the Iron Horse to officially celebrate the release of the album, with a crackerjack band that includes Mystics alum Brian Marchese on drums. I recommend making this a part of your weekend plans. Lord Russ has always been a magnetic personality and charismatic performer, and I hear this will be a true multi-media extravaganza. George Lenker recently wrote a beautiful column about Lord Russ here:

Also, Heir of Mystery received a glowing review here:

And finally, you can find more details about the show and buy tickets here: