Recording Resumes!

After a break of a few months, recording has resumed on the forthcoming Mystics Anonymous album.  Gondwanaland, my studio, is back up and running and yesterday I celebrated by (re-)recording some vocals for the album.  There are a few tracks that I’m having trouble deciding how to approach vocally, so yesterday I put down several takes for each of four tracks, and I hope that somewhere in there is the answer. Also, I have booked time to record at Sonelab with Mark Alan Miller in April. I’ll be going in with Brian Marchese, Matt Silberstein, and Andy Goulet to try and capture the magic that happens when the four of us play together in a room. Specifically, we’ll be tackling the song Turn Signal in the Trees, a favorite among the four of us.  So cross your fingers, but I’m hoping for a 2013 release of this album.