Is the Water Warm Enough?

“Yes, Lisa.”
“Is the water warm enough?”
“Yes, Lisa.”
“Shall we begin?”
“Yes, Lisa.”

Too many thoughts about Prince’s untimely death, and I’m not sure mine would really add anything to what people have been saying. From first discovery with 1999, to the huge hit of Purple Rain (I still have my original vinyl copy), to his influence on my own writing (especially in the Go Figure years). Also, like Zappa, he was a talented studio auteur–highly idiosyncratic. You could always tell his music by the production. I think of him, along with a handful of others, every time I set foot in my studio. And finally–When Doves Cry is a great pop song with NO bass track. No bass! Love the open-mindedness and willingness to follow his instincts.

He left us a lot of good music. He also left us Batdance. But that’s OK. Let’s all continue enjoying Prince.

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